I have always been concerned with problems relating to migration, identity, citizenship, integration, tolerance, exclusion… The interest for diverse humanitarian causes reflects itself in my visual and semantic explorations. Faced with the paradigm and monumentality of such causes, it is almost unfair to solely concentrate on one of them as opposed to studying them all. Vanity thus becoming the driving force of my production: a privileged way, full of strong symbolic.

Through my work I unveil my questioning of human nature and the remarkable discrepancy between scientific evolution and mankind. It is a metaphoric game discovered through drawing, associating body anatomy and objects in a modern form of memento mori.

Our body tells us a lot about the industrialised society we live in; hence the construction, deconstruction, association of bodies and machines all give way to many different interpretations of the human soul, whether pejorative or glorifying. The concepts of identity and anthropotechnic are strained. The diversity within the different unique elements that form a human being, as a tangible subject thriving to improve with no predetermination, always changing, always in the move, is simulated.
Daniel Dansou

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© Daniel Dansou
The zipper enlights. 2012
Pencil and ball point
Format: 70 x 100 cm


© Daniel Dansou
The Man. 2012
Pencil and ball point
Format: 80 x 60 cm


© Daniel Dansou
A moment suspended. 2014
Pencil and ball point
Format: 80x 60 cm