When?: March 3rd – May 13th 2023
Where?: Galerie Orbis Pictus
7 rue de Thorigny
75003 Paris

What perception do we have of the «visible» that can be observed and identified, and of the «invisible» that is beyond what our senses perceive, yet which we can access if we agree to enter the world of the spirit, or spirits? Is there only a single possible vision of things? Is it a sensation that is purely personal or is it universal? These are questions that science and mysticism have each tried to answer in their own way.

Ernest Dükü, with his dual Ivorian and French cultures, could with his drawings, his creased paper, his inks, bring these different approaches into harmony with BosonMan, the elementary particle man, the man born of the initial chaos, who carries all truths within himself.
This is how he explains his own view of these new works:

From a purely quantum point of view, the Boson, a «force-carrying» particle, is an energy or force field that interacts with its environment. Depending on its low or high energy, the boson can open up existing symmetries or to the contrary shatter them. The Boson is one of the four forces of nature according to quantum physics.

But what about the African Bosons? The energy of the ancestors, the spirits watching over humanity.
The term ‘Boson’ is an Akan idiom that conveys the ideal of what relates to the world of spirits, guiding genies, the supernatural and so on.
This duo cannot be dissolved. These two concepts interact and feed off each other.
Both the quantum and the metaphysical interact with us and with our thoughts in the same way. Yet many people reject this idea of spirits because they are invisible to our rational minds. Yet the protons, electrons, cells and other energies that are also invisible to our human eyes are now embedded in our modern reality.

Can we not accept the metaphysical as an intrinsic dimension of our human consciousness?

These are the questions that I draw for you so that you consider the reality of the visible and the invisible.

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© Ernest Dükü

001 = 3 @ Booom naissance d’un Boson (2022)
Ink and acrylic on black Canson paper
H28,3 x L21 cm

© Ernest Dükü

S.N.K.F @ Enigma SanKoFa Boson (2022)
Ink and acrylic on black Canson paper
H28,3 x L21 cm

© Ernest Dükü

A A A TA TA TA @ Amenti shuffle Taawale cosmique (2020)
Ink, acrylic, watercolour, ball pen and collage on creased paper
H200 x L70 cm