When?: May 11th – November 24th, 2019
Where?: Biennale di Venezia


When?: June 10th – August 10th, 2019
Where?: Cairo Biennale

Mediterranean news for Ernest Dükü
When Ernest Dükü’s name was mentioned in 2017 at the closing of the Venice Biennale, no one would have expected such a journey.

A very first solo exhibition in his home country, conceived and staged at the Gallery LouiSimone Guirandou in Abidjan in 2018, was followed by an acclaimed participation to an exhibition at the Mattatoio in Rome featuring the vitality of Contemporary Art in the Ivory Coast.

But it really in 2019 on both borders of the Mediterranean, in Italy and in Egypt, that Ernest was really recognised by participating to the 58th Venice Biennale and the 13th Cairo Biennale with multicultural and syncretic triptychs.

« In the folds of the papers… it is always a labyrinth of ideograms, numbers and symbols… representing the history of the spirituality of the African continent … the artist’s own language where the beauty of poetry always triumphs. »

It is now time for a major retrospective!

© Ernest Dükü
Biennale di Venezia 2019
Ô bee Afrodisiaque

© Ernest Dükü
Cairo Biennale 2019
Kolonial Alite @ Ke devenu Noun sommes