When?: June 18th – September 29th, 2024

Where: Chapelle Sainte-Victoire
4, rue de la Victoire
Saint-Malo (intra-muros)

Lee Miller, the American army-accredited photographer from Vogue magazine, landed at Omaha Beach on 12 August 1944 and arrived in Saint-Malo on the 13th. Charged with covering civil affairs, she thought she would discover a liberated St. Malo. Armed with only her Rolleiflex and a tourist map dating from 1939, she was the only photojournalist on the scene, covering the violent fighting that led to the liberation of the town on 17 August 1944. She photographed the refugees emerging from the inner city during the ceasefire on the 13th, entered the devastated old town and witnessed the final assault on the Citadel (the Fort de la Cité d’Alet), its bombardment with napalm and the surrender of the German army. Her reportage, with text and photos partially censored, was published in British Vogue. Travelling with the American troops, she left Saint-Malo on 20 August and continued on to Rennes and then to Paris, eastern France, Germany and the concentration camps.

This exhibition brings together 54 exceptional photographs that bear witness to those five historic days.

Curators : Hélène Gédouin & Muriel Montserrat
Artistic Director : Sitor Senghor

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© Sitor Senghor

Chapelle de la Victoire, Saint-Malo intra-muros

© Lee Miller Archives, United Kingdom 2024

David E. Scherman, Lee Miller with children in Saint-Malo, Brittany, France, August 1944

© Lee Miller Archives, United Kingdom 2024

Lee Miller, Devastation in street, Saint-Malo, France, 15 August 1944

© Lee Miller Archives, United Kingdom 2024

Lee Miller, German prisoners march from the Citadel, while US soldiers look on, Saint-Malo, France, 17 August 1944