When?: September 8th – October 3rd 2023

Where?: Knust und Kunz
Ludwigstr. 7
80539 Munich

In our world several knowledge interfere with our human and immaterial lives. In the Akan universe, the ancestors are souls who are present but cannot be seen. Like the Boson, one of the four quantum energies revealed by nuclear physics, which cannot be seen by eye, the ancestors accompany us without our being able to detect them.

Ernest Dükü brings to light in this exhibition “Invisible Ancestor”, the Bosons, particles of quantum light with the Akan Bosons which, in their own way, offer us their light to access the understanding of the complexity of the world.

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© Ernest Dükü

Rêve orange @ Chaos cosmique all this times (2023)
Encre et acrylique sur papier Canson noir
H65 x L50 cm

© Ernest Dükü

6 for the future @ Awalé en éclats (2023)
Ink and acrylic on Black Canson paper
H65 x L50 cm

© Ernest Dükü

Ô sortie du froid TUM TUM @ Maatancestor FRH isotope 004 (2018)
Ink, acrylic, watercolour, ball pen and collage on creased paper
H80 x L70 cm