When?: 28-31 mars 2019
Where?: DDESSIN Paris,
Atelier Richelieu,
60 rue de Richelieu,
75002 Paris

Info :
Press release (pdf)

Guillaume Bollier

Love alienation
The inspiration and reflection that feeds my work are based on a sense of inclusion and, above all, a sense of dependence deriving from being in love. There is an emotional or physical attraction that one feels for another, primarily arising from a sense of belonging and an unreason that pushes us to forget ourselves and live solely through carnal and alienating passion.

One therefore only lives in a microcosm of dreams, where one is deprived of mental faculties, a world where pleasure replaces reason and where only the other matters.

© Guillaume Bollier
Enchanted carousel (2018)
H65 x L50 cm

© Guillaume Bollier
Delight (2018)
Ink and tria markers
H65 x L50 cm

Lucas Weinachter

The arcane without name
The bodies are falling. In an endless descent and without resistance, they struggle between the good and the evil enlivened by vigorous internal conflicts. These are the signs of great transformations, of salutary renewal and a new beginning, all of which affect our lives. It is the voluntary decision for a necessary reconstruction.

Now, in the spring of 2019, a new life cycle commences for this master of the line and anatomy. Lucas Weinachter has returned with force, using lead pencils on old books, before unveiling much larger formats on paper.

© Sitor Senghor
A little gold for tomorrow (2019)
Lead pencil and pigments on book
H20 x L28 cm

© Sitor Senghor
Unique seat (2019)
Lead pencil and pigments on book
H27 x L45 cm