When?: October 12th-15th 2023
Where?: 1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair
Somerset House
Strand, London WC2R 1LA

How does it feel when the body that one is confined to begins to ask questions? In La Mystique du Corps, in a series of works done following a six-month residence that brought him back to Côte d’Ivoire, Josué Comoe attempts to represent the body as the site of a mystical experience that blurs the boundary between what is private to the artist and that which is foreign.

He engages his whole body in a hand-to-hand combat with canvas and paper, using a technique that requires considerable physical effort, producing a state of tension close to the ecstatic – possession followed by release. It is precisely this invisible, unspeakable experience that he depicts on the occasion of this return to his homeland and to himself. It is this moment of returning that he uses as a condition for creating a visual language of his own.

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© Daniel Jones Photography

© Daniel Jones Photography

© Josué Comoe
Cosmogonie, 2023
Ink oil and acrylic on paper mounted on canvas
H190 x L130 cm

© Josué Comoe
La mélodie profane, 2023
Ink oil and acrylic on paper mounted on canvas
H163 x L123 cm